Who Are We?

The Technical Advocacy team serves as a public face for VMware Tanzu, are respected experts in the IT community, speak frequently, creates relevant content, and gives feedback on our customers, developers, ops people, etc.on the topics of: developers, operators, open source, digital transformation.

We are

  • Experts in our field (DevOps, CF/PAS, Spring, DDD, Kubernetes, Architecture, Microservices, Containers, Java, Digital Transformation)
  • Dedicated Open Source maintainers and contributors
  • Respected inside and outside of VMware
  • Experienced Conference Keynoters, and Presenters
  • Kind of a big deal [just ask us], Popular on Social Media and the tech scene in general.
  • Published authors (books, blogs, podcasts)
  • Perfect guests to round out your webinar, fireside chat, or round table.
  • Not sales people

You are

  • VMware / Tanzu / Pivotal internal teams
  • VMware / Tanzu / Pivotal customers
  • Conference Organizers, Meetup Organizers
  • Marketing/Press/PR looking for experts
  • Opensource Project Maintainers / Contributors
  • Looking for help, guidance, mentorship
  • Literally anyone else not mentioned here.

We can

virtually or in person, VMware/Tanzu specific or Opensource ecosystem. * Deep dive technical workshops for technical staff (devs, ops, product mangers, testers, security, and all of the intersections of these disciplines) * Executive briefings, meetings, executive dinners, etc. * Explain VMware/Pivotal/Tanzu & stories to audiences * Provide input to vision, campaigns, content both inside VMware, and outside. * Casual conversational meetings - dinner/lunch meetings. * Meetups (CF, CN, Spring, JUG, DevOps, management/executives) * Provide a conduit for you to have an impact on VMware/Tanzu products. * Help you tell a story across many mediums

Interested ?

Email Tasha Isenberg and include:

  • Type of Interaction: workshop, exec briefing, internal customer event, etc.
  • Date: either a range or specific
  • Location:
  • Topic: